Apa Yang Kita Ketahui Sebelumnya Daripada Fb?


To paraphrase one of my common humorist, Will Rogers, “All I do know is what I read on Fb.”

I bear to admit that I also get files from Fb. I’m in a position to preserve up with my household and chums, know what they’re doing, and know what they’re announcing. The details there, whether or no longer honest or no longer, is provided to all who read.

Moderately if truth be told, I don’t always deem what I read on Fb. First-price announcing!

As you develop and became older, you alter to the changing atmosphere that you just might maybe maybe perchance be maybe be in along with the technology. I properly be mindful the day I transitioned from a manual typewriter to a computer. My first computer had no laborious power, and a lot, seemingly can no longer expose to that. Nonetheless, I thought I changed into once in author’s heaven.

I never thought critical about this unless at some point soon a teen asked me, “How did you know anything else earlier than Fb?” There changed into once a younger man born after the invention of Fb.

Before every little thing, I did no longer quite worth what he changed into once announcing. I had grown conversant in the establishing fashionable-day technology. Not that I’m an authority, I’m appropriate kind a user.

this younger particular person, I acknowledged very merely, “Earlier than Fb, we had grandmas.”

He did no longer worth, so I needed to take a study to indicate the Grandma-Part.

My grandmother changed into once a if truth be told candy and ideal lady. I handiest knew her when she changed into once older because in any case, she changed into once my grandmother.

I be mindful all of the exceptional dinners she cooked for us and in particular the pies. Nonetheless, there were some issues about grandma I did no longer know unless after she had handed.

Unbeknownst to me, she changed into once identified in the whole neighborhood because the Queen of Gossipers. This if truth be told caught my attention.

Each person in the neighborhood knew my grandmother. Higher than that, my grandmother knew all people in the neighborhood, especially their secrets.

How she got to that location of being the Queen of Gossipers is one thing I if truth be told bear never build collectively. All I do know is, she changed into once.

In step with a pair of conversations I had with her chums, my grandmother knew what changed into once happening two days earlier than it if truth be told took location. For the lifetime of me, I don’t know what which components. Nothing took location in the neighborhood that escaped my grandmother’s attention.

Whether or no longer other folks wished my grandmother’s permission to enact one thing or no longer, I’m no longer quite particular. No topic took location, she knew about it lengthy earlier than it took location.

As soon as you happen to wanted a rumor started, appropriate kind discuss to my grandmother and train a confidential secret to her. On the whole, by the purpose they got dwelling, that secret changed into once in each place the neighborhood.

In overall I if truth be told bear puzzled if my grandmother knew that another folks were the usage of her. Then I puzzled if another folks knew how critical she changed into once the usage of them.

At events, this changed into once quite touchy. If a pair changed into once getting engaged, all people knew about it earlier than they in point of fact were engaged. How she managed that I don’t know.

She read an individual esteem Will Rogers read the newspaper.

For her 90th birthday, another folks in the neighborhood desired to give her a surprise birthday occasion. They knew, nonetheless, it’d be very no longer easy to surprise my grandmother.

Several of them met at a restaurant in the subsequent town to work out some particulars. They came up with many different scenarios, but none seemed workable.

Then, one of many older ladies folk in the group came up with a thought that can maybe perchance maybe out-gossip the Queen of Gossipers.

The thought changed into once merely this. On a obvious night, a group would meet at the church to compose a thought to fireplace their pastor. Each person knew that grandmother cherished her pastor to objects. Anything else esteem this could bear gotten her dander up, and also you enact no longer are desirous to enact that.

The success of the thought depended upon the honest particular person whispering this gossip to my grandmother. Otherwise, she would no longer if truth be told deem it.

The lady who came up with this changed into once my grandmother’s closest friend, and so she changed into once chosen. If Grandmother would deem anyone, it’d be this lady.

They made plans for the birthday occasion. How they got it to all people without my grandmother sharp is in the same class as who killed JFK.

On the honest time, this lady went to my grandmother and confidentially whispered the thought to fireplace her cherished pastor. “Now, don’t let this get out to anyone; right here’s top secret.”

Earlier than the night ended, all people in the neighborhood knew of the thought to “fire the pastor.”

On that night, other folks came early because it changed into once alleged to be a surprise. It changed into once a gorgeous surprise.

On the honest time, my grandmother marched into that church, slammed birth the door, and acknowledged as angrily as she had ever been, “How dare you fire my pastor?”

At that 2nd, all people, at the side of the pastor, burst into singing, “Happy Birthday to You.”

It took a pair of moments for my grandmother to comprehend what changed into once if truth be told happening. When she indirectly realized what the assembly changed into once if truth be told about, she laughed and acknowledged, “How did I am going over this?”

As I hear to the girl telling me, the myth I thought of what David acknowledged. “The secret of the Lord is with them that scare him; and he’ll shew them his covenant” (Psalm 25: 14).

Some secrets, esteem God’s cherish for me, must be unfold everywhere and no longer saved a secret.

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